You don’t have any luxurious fixings in your wash room yet you are yearning for something sweet so genuinely? Attempt this essential Turkish Halva Recipe out. You simply need 4 fixings and a concise period for this thick and smooth baked good.

This is a basic anyway incredible cake especially when you have compelled fixings. If you don’t have a ton of time or enough components for making something uncommon for your guests at a night easygoing social gathering, this Turkish Halva Recipe is just for you.

Turkish Halva Ingredients


You in a general sense need 4 fixings to make it: Butter, flour, sugar and water. These are the components for regular halva. Nothing else is required. I review my grandma used to make it with simply these fixings. On the other hand, it is a truly flexible equation and progressively young people are presumably going to make increases. For example, you can incorporate nuts into it and top it with something like pistachio or cinnamon if you have to propel your halva.

What Is Halva Dessert

In Turkish nourishment, there are two sorts of halva dessert that you can make at home. One of them is Semolina Halva and the other is Flour Halva. As you can figure, the past is made with semolina and the latter is made with flour. Despite what it is made with, halva is the least mind boggling baked good on earth. Either flour or semolina is cooked with margarine (or a portion of the time oil) and a short time later got together with sugar and water in a comparable dish. Basic, would it say it isn’t?

Them two are generally served at dedication administrations, yet what’s more known as a family dessert. They are grandmother sort of treats, so them two is a staple at family get-togethers. My grandma was extraordinary at making this clear baked good and it for the most part encourages me to recollect her. So I’d like to share this halva recipe in memoriam of my dear grandma.

Roused by Turkish sustenance and need to discover extra? Go take a gander at our Homemade Turkish Delight Recipe too!

Guidelines to Make Halva Recipe


07COOKBOOK2-articleLargeSet up the syrup first. Join sugar and water in a dish and convey it to bubble. Allow it to stew for two or three minutes and subsequently remove from the glow.

Relax spread in an enormous dish and incorporate flour and nuts if you are using. Blend it well using a wooden spoon and convey it to low warmth and keep mixing until the flour gets splendid dim shaded and you feel a toasted smell. Oust it from the glow.

Pour in the hot syrup when the flour is splendid darker and remove from the glow. Keep blending it as it chills off. You will see it holds together and structures a ball. Usually, you can give it an oval shape using a tablespoon or you can just serve it in bowls or on plates. You can top it with coconut drops, ground pistachio or cinnamon.

Note: We by and large make this halva with all around convenient flour anyway I wonder whether a Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour would function too. Should endeavor it. If its all the same to you share it here if you endeavor it earlier. I’d love to hear the result!

Chocolate Halva Recipe

If you have to take this clear sweet to a next level, you understand what you need: Chocolate! Mellow diminish chocolate in a glow proof cup over stewing water. Incorporate this into the halva when you void the syrup into it and seek after comparative advances referenced already. If you are a chocolate fan, I’m sure you will treasure that structure considerably more.

Turkish Halva Recipe versus Persian Halva Recipe

Despite the way that their procedures and the rule fixings are about the proportional, these are not the exceptionally same treats. Not in the least like Turkish halva, Persian halva has two extra flavors: saffron and rosewater. These are incorporated the syrup while it is foaming.

Concerning the serving, it is practically a flat out need to serve halva with Turkish Tea. It alters the sweetness of the cake when you drink it without sugar.


2 cups water

1 cup sugar

50g margarine

1 cup flour

1/4 cup walnuts or peanuts, optional

Ground pistachio for decorate, optional



Put water and sugar in a pot and warmth to the point of bubbling. Allow it to stew for around 5 minutes over medium low warmth and oust from heat.


In another huge non-stick pot, mollify the margarine. By then incorporate flour and peanuts in it and cook over medium-low warmth for around 15 minutes or until splendid, or you feel a toasted aroma, mixing always. Right when it’s set, convey it to the least warmth and void the foaming syrup into the pot. Be careful so as not to expend yourself as it might sprinkle out of the pot.

Blend it in with a wooden spoon as speedy as you can until smooth. Exactly when it gets thicker than pudding, it’s done.

Oust from warmth and let it cool.

Serve them in little cups or shape them using a tablespoon or with your hand as in the picture before serving.

Top with ground pistachio, coconut pieces or cinnamon.

Steps to Make It


greece-plate-of-halva-and-coffee-close-up-143693588-5808d6dd3df78cbc28814236Amass the fixings.

Warmth the nectar in a generous bottomed pot over medium warmth until it lands at 240 F or the “fragile ball” sort out. (The sensitive ball stage is when syrup is dropped into cold water and structures a fragile, versatile ball.)

Empower the nectar to cool insignificantly and incorporate the vanilla and nuts.

Gently overlay in the tahini and blend until the mix is all around blended.

Delicately oil a 6-cup structure, segment, or cake dish.

Void the mix into the compartment and cool completely.

Wrap the halvah well and refrigerate it for 24 to 36 hours so the halvah’s trademark set surface can totally make.

Cut the halvah while it’s infection anyway serve at room temperature. The halvah will keep in the cooler for a serious long time.


If you don’t have any contribution with sweet making, by then it is fundamental that you use a treat thermometer to guarantee you have come to (and not beat) the sensitive ball mastermind.

It might be a test to achieve the flaky surface found in Israeli halvah, so if your version ends up having to a more prominent degree a fudge-or caramel-like consistency, don’t complain—it will even now have that scrumptious, signature taste.

The toasted nuts add to the rich taste of this treat. To toast the pistachios, place in a singular layer on a warming sheet and put in a 350 F stove until splendid darker, around 7 minutes or close. Check every now and again to light sure the nuts don’t.

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