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Charlene’s Super Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe

Hot days calls for cemented treats and there’s nothing very like hand made kulfi also called the Indian adjustment of solidified yogurt! This Mango Kulfi has the sorts of mango mixed in with the standard kulfi.

It’s so smooth consequently yummy, you would not want to leave behind this one!

With summer around the curve, general stores are jam loaded down with natural items. I by and large envision this season for natural items, those succulent berries, melons, peaches and clearly mangoes! It’s hard to pick a most adored in light of the fact that they are all in all so bewildering and taste simply the best during summers.

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While I love every single natural item likewise Sarvesh is incredibly uneven concerning mangoes.

I understand I have referenced this so regularly here anyway his obsession with them just makes me have to indicate this each time I talk about mangoes on my blog.

My house is really stacked up with mangoes right now. Sarvesh gets them from each store – Costco, Whole Food, Indian Grocey Store considering the way that obviously mangoes from one store are deficient and he needs to taste them all!

Goodness well since I have such countless mangoes lying around, I am profiting however much as could be expected from it by cooking and getting ready with them.

Seven days back, I used some new mangoes to make this Mango Kulfi and it wound up being so smooth and practically perfect!

What Is a Kulfi?

I have had a couple of individuals get some data about kulfi so I figured I would consolidate a short information for those ignorant.

Kulfi is Indian adjustment of treat. It’s made without eggs, without a solidified yogurt maker. Kulfi is made with milk and milk solids. It’s often upgraded with nuts, cardamom and saffron.

The central kulfi is made with just milk,nuts and cardamom. Take a gander at this Malai Kulfi for the creamiest kulfi ever!

Kulfi can be prepared with make different sorts of kulfi like paan, saffron or mango kulfi!

Bit by bit guidelines to Make Mango Kulfi

The standard strategy to make kulfi incorporates cooking the milk until it thickens up an extensive sum. By then milk solids are added to the kulfi to make it creamier and its by then prepared with cardamom, nuts, saffron.

These days people furthermore make a quick type of kulfi in which you don’t cook in any way shape or form. It’s minute and no-cook.

It is essentially made my joining disseminated milk, combined milk and whipped cream. I like the expedient structure anyway I for the most part lean toward cooking my kulfi – I feel the taste is basically unparalleled when its cooked.

This Mango Kulfi Recipe makes the most creamiest kulfi ever and with an enormous part of the undertakings! Regardless of all that you have to cook anyway the time is halted altogether!

Here is What I Add To My Mango Kulfi Recipe to Make It Rich and Creamy!

✓ dried milk powder to make it smooth

✓ solidified milk for the sweetness and to make it creamier

✓ sliced nuts to give the kulfi better than average surface

✓ cornstarch to genuinely thicken it with the objective that it sets magnificently!

To make kulfi, we for the most part cook the milk until it genuinely thickens. Like in this Malai Kulfi, I cooked the milk for directly around an hour. That is a lot of time!

So to stop the method this time, I incorporated a huge amount of milk powder to the milk. It thickens the milk and make it creamier. By then the extension of thick milk does in like manner. Additionally, last anyway not the least, I added some cornstarch to really thicken it up a piece before hardening.

The full scale cook time taken for this mango kulfi was around 25 minutes which was exceptionally not actually an hour than it for the most part takes.

We totally venerated this mango kulfi. It’s so perfect for summer, has that rich and smooth surface and I bet you won’t have the choice to stop at one!

I had the alternative to get 15 little kulfis out of this mix. I used little paper cups to harden the kulfi, you can use standard kulfi molds or whatever else you lavish.


1-Add whole milk to a staggering base skillet on medium heat. Allow it to go to a stew and a short time later cut down the glow to medium-low.

2-Then incorporate the milk powder and mix well.

3-Add the thick milk and mix.

4-Also incorporate the separated nuts and mix.

5-Let the milk stew on low heat for 20 minutes. It will thicken as it cooks.

6-After 20 minutes, incorporate the cardamom powder and mix.

7-Mix cornstarch with water or milk until smooth. Add the cornstarch slurry to the milk and speed to combine.

8-Let the milk stew for 5 extra minutes in the wake of including the cornstarch, keep blending always. It will thicken fundamentally. See the picture, it should be that thick and coat the back of a spoon.

– Remove compartment from warmth and a while later let the milk cool completely. At the point when it has chilled off, incorporate the mango puree.

10-Mix the mango puree with the milk mix until particularly joined.

11-Transfer kulfi mix to plastic cups or kulfi molds.

12-Cover each with aluminum foil and spot in the cooler. Once kulfi is negligible set (around 1.5 hours), expel them from the cooler and stick a solidified yogurt stick in each structure. Return kulfi to the cooler and stop until set, in a perfect world medium-term.

Run a sharp edge around the edges of the mango kulfi to demold. You may moreover dive the molds in warm water for few seconds and a while later disassemble gently to de-structure. Frivolity with pistachios or acknowledge in like manner!



Kulfi isn’t only unmistakable in India yet also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar) and even in the Middle East.

It arrives in a couple of flavors like cream (malai), rose, mango, cardamom (elaichi), saffron (kesar or zafran) or pistachio.

Bit by bit directions to MAKE KULFI

Not in the slightest degree like sweet as we most likely am mindful it in the West, the cream isn’t whipped in kulfi. This results in an undeniably thick and negligible solidified yogurt.

Stewing the milk, improved thick milk as well as scattered milk to an enormous segment of their volume, grows the fat, protein and lactose content in the definitive result.

Since kulfi contains dynamically fat and less water, the solidified yogurt doesn’t come to fruition and it in like manner melts altogether more bit by bit than a traditional sweet.


The reason for kulfi returns to the Mughal Empire that directed India from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. This pastry was then orchestrated in the lofty kitchens with ice that started from the mountains of the Himalayas.

One of the records says that the main game plan of kulfi by the life partner of Emperor Jahangir, Noorjahan is to some degree exceptional. She used to make and serve the cemented treat by mixing improved milk in with the crush of various natural items to which was incorporated imported squashed ice from the set Himalayan lakes. This strategy was only available among Indian advantaged individuals until refrigeration was exhibited in the area.


4 cups whole milk

1.5 cups dried milk powder

14 oz can improved combined milk

2 tablespoons severed nuts, I used pistachios and cashews

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

1.5 tablespoons cornstarch, separated in 3 tablespoons water or milk

1 3/4 cups mango puree, I used new



Warmth milk to the point of bubbling in a compartment, by then lessen warmth to stew.

Incorporate the saffron strings.

Allow it to stew until it is lessened to about ½ the volume, blending reliably.

Incorporate the thick milk.

Deteriorate cornstarch in a little water and add it to the compartment.

Incorporate the coarsely hacked pistachios and the squashed cardamom seeds.

Cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove from warmth and cool.

Incorporate the mango puree and mix well.

Pour the mix in kulfi molds, a warming dish or a scone skillet and stop for at any rate 4 to 6 hours or until set.

Remove the mango kulfi from the molds by diving the molds in warm water for a few minutes or by ousting from the cooler 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

Upgrade with cut pistachio and saffron strings.

Serve immediately.

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