Effectively Increase AdSense Earnings From Your Website – Quick Tips

For the last one and a half decades, AdSense has been leading the ad network industry for the publishers and has an estimated 33% share.  

But it can be a bit difficult to get approved for AdSense and even if you do, the biggest challenge is to maintain it. It is one of the best means to make some really good money online. If you are looking forward to making your website a dollar generating machine then keep reading this.

Here is a guide for increasing your AdSense earnings this year:

Colors in Text Ads:
Normally much attention is not paid to the theme of text ads that are provided by default in the ad units.  The main mistake made by general users is that they have grown accustomed to this style and do not notice them due to banner blindness.

Rotating the Placemats:
You might have noticed that your AdSense RPM decreases over time. This is due to banner blindness and as a result, the best test shall yield results for the short term. The ideal solution to counter banner blindness is rotating the placements occasionally per month no matter if they did not perform that good.

You could change the skin of your site sometimes instead of changing the actual placement. This way the visitors do not get accustomed to design and cannot use tunnel vision for focusing on the content only without noticing ads.

Using Built-In AdSense Experiment Tool:
A simple yet powerful experiment tool that is used to test the basic variations of the ad units is provided by AdSense. And some of the sites have witnessed over a 20% increase in the revenue in a period of 6 months by testing various text ads/banners and banners.

Increasing Organic Traffic and Ranking:
The highest quality traffic for the advertisers is the traffic for organic search.  The user tends to consume strongly it is a sound proposition for advertisers to serve a relevant ad.

Planning High CPC Keywords:
With the help of AdWords Keyword Tool, you get to see how much the advertisers pay for the different keywords. If your website has a particular niche, there will be keywords within that too that shall pay higher than others.

Avoiding the AdSense Response Ad:
The AdSense responsive unit happens to be an attractive option as it’s quite simple. But one needs to pay the price for the convenience in lost revenue potential.  You are required to use a custom ad unit size for the various different sizes your website design offers.

Removing the Poorly Performing Ad Networks:
The more ads you will have, the more clicks shall be diverted from your AdSense ads. And most of the time you are better off with running AdSense ads only and then getting rid of the rest. This area also requires tweaking, trying, and testing to be able to fully understand how it works.

What you should do is that place all of your AdSense ads in the highest positions and your CPM ad networks should be put towards the bottom of the pages. Follow these tips and see how your AdSense income increases!

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