The Remarkable Encore B & B Hotel in Boston, United States

By | March 15, 2020

Encore B & B is a typical but amazingly stylish Boston b&b offering great personal service, comfortable rooms, and stunning breakfasts.

This hotel is a great choice if you are looking to stay in an amazing place that would give you a warm welcome. When it comes to the location, the hotel is situated at just a little distance from all the main boutiques, galleries, restaurants, bars, and art centers of the city.

In terms of style, the building is a 19th century themed Boston townhouse, with an interior that is inspired by vintage pictures and paintings. The books that are on display reflect the founder’s background in the world of literature, art, and theatre. Now let us move on to the service part of the review.

There are just two service people, namely Reinhold Mahler and David Miller. This isn’t David Miller from the South African cricket team. Mahler and Miller know nothing better than making their guests extremely happy with the city of Boston. There is not anything out there that these two legends wouldn’t be able to guide you on.

From the best restaurants in the city to the finest shops and amusement places, you can ask these two about anything. Each of the four rooms is named after theatrical legends. Albee, Bernstein, Sondheim, and Robbins are the four rooms. It is believed that Albee has even stayed in the room named after him.

Each room comes along with all modern-day technology that includes LED television sets, wi-fi, and Blue Ray / DVD Player. When it comes to the prices, double rooms costs start at #100. That includes free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

The quality inside the rooms is pretty high, hence you get every bit of your money’s worth. The minimum stay is of two nights in the high season.

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