Villa Maria Estate – The Most Photogenic Wedding Venue in Auckland

By | March 4, 2020

Villa Maria Estate is one of the most beautiful and photogenic wedding venues in Auckland. The unmatched location that offers multiple ceremony sites and sprawling grounds, the Villa Maria Estate has everything that you would love to have on your special day.

With the romantic presentation of willow trees and spectacular marquees arranged by the best staff that has experience in arranging everything for your big day, you will love this wedding venue in Auckland.

The capacity of this place is another added advantage is you can host a small function of around 60 guests or a large gathering of up to 500 people at this graceful wedding reception place in Auckland.

This wedding venue is a great option for the perfect day because the panoramic views of natural scenery will make your photoshoot experience quite enhanced. The grounds of this hotel provides a large number of amazing sites. All the grounds of the hotel offer a beautiful look. It is suitable for all to know the ways to access this fantastic wedding venue. In this way, you can make your perfect day more perfect and memorable.

Villa Maria Estate has a dedicated wedding team that makes the day more perfect. It is suitable for all guests to attend a wedding ceremony at this hotel. The organization of the hotel is ready to consult you for a wedding theme.

Everything is available to make the day more special. This wedding hall assures the ultimate comfort of the guests. Villa Maria Estate is an attractive wedding venue in Auckland. So, a wedding ceremony at this hotel will be great fun.

Villa Maria Estate assures all a unique and impressive decoration. The indoor decoration is impressive at this hotel. The rustic beauty of this wedding venue is remarkable. There are several places for photos. You can enjoy great backgrounds at this wedding hall. Villa Maria Estate provides all the things to make a wedding more special. This hotel is a unique wedding venue in Auckland.

Villa Maria Estate provides the best features to the guests. It is great to choose this option to enjoy the wedding day. Music is also available at this hotel. Guests can enjoy a great day at this hotel. The dining of the hotel is also impressive. This wedding hall offers delightful food to the guests. You can impress your family and friends by selecting this wedding venue.

If your wish is to hire a wedding venue in Auckland that can make your big day’s memories very pleasant and memorable, then Villa Maria Estate should be at the top of your list. It will not only serve you well but will remain in your beautiful memories for the rest of your life.

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